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Thread: How do i join a domain?

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    How do i join a domain?

    So i've been working abit with ubuntu and i really found a sparkle of light which i wanna ignite even more.

    But some times it's just hard when u can't find the solution or you might be blind and you need another persons vision to see.

    So here comes the real question;

    I've been trying to find a solution to join a domain and to make a ubuntu domain controller.

    So i was advised to use Centrify or on youtube Centrify Express.

    But it dosn't help me when i want to join a Domain with the domain adjoin --w "domain name" but it says "Dns is down"

    So people say go look at Resolv.conf and then again there is a program that overwritens that aswell.


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    Re: How do i join a domain?

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