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Thread: MX Records Ubuntu 14.04

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    MX Records Ubuntu 14.04

    Hello, I am trying to set up dnsmasq for a mail server. I am following the steps here I ran the MX after setting dns but the answer I get is different than the answer shown on the guide. Here is my answer:

    On the answer section at the end of the line I get the IP of the hostname while on the guide the answer is just the hostname. Also on the guide there is an Additional Section which I also don't have. Could you please tell me If I doing something wrong?

    Thank you for your time
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    Re: MX Records Ubuntu 14.04

    Please do not post images on the help forums as this is difficult for those using small screens or with limited bandwidth. Accordingly, I have converted your image to a link. Also please use standard formatting for the same reason of readability.

    As to your technical question, please note that Ubuntu 14.04 is now out of support and constitutes a growing security threat with each passing day.


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