I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with V4L2, OpenCV 3.4 Python with Intel NUC i3 7100U and ELP USB 2.0 Camera ELP-USB500W04AF-L60 OV5640 (Datasheet required: / Linux with UVC(above linux-2.6.26))

After a while some days some of my USB cameras only return a black screen, it also happend that it returned a white screen when using cheese or any other program to capture my webcam's image.
I have to re-plug the device physically to get a normal picture. Un-/binding usb ports using shellscript or C script does not have any effect. Even rebooting/shutdown doesn't change anything.

  • Cam returns blackscreen
  • V4L2 v4l2-ctl settings are all default values
  • dmesg shows following error:


Can it be a uvcvideo module/kernel bug? I have seen this bug happen to me multiple times on the same devices with the same camera. It also happend once that the picture is only white.
Thanks for help!