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Thread: Nivida Profiles

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    Nivida Profiles

    I have a triple screen set up, but one of the screens is actually a TV that I only use when watching netflix etc. in bed. Every time I want to enable it I have to go into the Nvidia software and enable the tv. Inveriably I turn the TV off and the next time I come to use my computer, even though the TV is still turned off, the third screen is still enabled and I have to go back into the settings to disable it again.

    Is there a simple way I can save two profiles to switch between to make transitioning easier? Or to force nvidia to auto-detect which monitors are powered on and enable/disable them accordingly? \

    Not sure where this post should live, so apologies if it is not in the correct section, or if it is a duplication.

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    Re: Nivida Profiles

    I've never gotten nvideo profiles to work. Probably just my personal problem. Sometimes I'm an idiot.

    You could script something using xrandr to check for changes in the recognized video outputs in log files and enable/disable specific monitors as desired. It has been a few years since I looked into this. has an example script that might get you started.

    The manpage for xrandr has lots of details.

    For a quick change, I've found lxrandr's very simple GUI useful. I use it giving presentations to enable/disable projectors a few times a week.

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