Hi everyone,

So I'm pretty new to linux/unix and am currently running the LTS version of Ubuntu server which I have setup an LVM on with my storage disks and formatted them to NTFS so that windows will be able to read and write to them. I am struggling with the way that linux handles mounting of drives and file systems etc and getting Samba set up. My drive structure is as follows.

/var/lib/samba/MEDIASTOREAGEPOOL <<<This is where I currently have my media folders stored that i will be sharing (as of right now i have not transfered my media over so everything can still be wiped and I can still start again if necessary....

When I used to run this server on a windows 10 box I had it installed with the OS on a seperate ssd )just going to leave this the default ext format for the ubuntu OS

I then had all my storage drives (just shy of 10 TB set up using a storage spaces pool) I'm trying to re-create this kinda setup but using linux instead of windblows.

any help would be much appreciated.