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Thread: [ubuntu-mate] Thunderbird compose window opening minimized

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    [ubuntu-mate] Thunderbird compose window opening minimized

    Using ubutnu-mate 19.04. I found a few old issues regarding what I'm seeing. Basically, if I click a mailto: link in a website, it will open the Thunderbird compose window but it is minimized, and does not pop up. You have to either manually switch to it with alt-tab, or click the window. It just appears minimized in the window bar. This occurs when using Marco as the Window Manager, with No Compositor, Adaptive, and Compton.

    When I switch to Compiz, it works normally. I click a mailto: link and it pops up the thunderbird compose window like it should, but Compiz doesn't work well with my PC (sluggish, laggy, etc). I have poured over the available settings to tweak Marco's behavior but I am unable to find one that provides the desired behavior. I'm not really sure if there is a fix, and would appreciate it if someone who was aware of one could share it here (other than using Compiz instead of Marco). Additionally, I wasn't quite sure whether or not a bug report should be submitted, and if it should, to whom (Ubuntu, mate-desktop/marco github repo, etc). Appreciate any help in advance.
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