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Thread: Unable to upgrade to 18.10

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    Unable to upgrade to 18.10

    I can not upgrade from 18.04 to 18.10 on my computer. No matter what I try, when I reboot into 1810 I eventually see the boot screen message:

    "fsckd-cancel-msg: Press Ctrl-C to cancel all filesystem checks"

    and nothing further occurs.

    Does anybody know how I can determine what is causing my problem ? I have checked my partitions with fsck and everything is fine.

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    Re: Unable to upgrade to 18.10

    For any lurkers ...

    fsck happens to all file systems after a specific number of reboots. It is automatic. You can alter how often it happens for ext4/3 file systems using tune2fs. Probably best not to alter it on a normal desktop.
    If you can, boot from alternate boot media (like the Try Ubuntu install disk), then run fsck on each partition. If there are errors, copy/paste those back here using Adv Reply (#) - that code tags. If you didn't boot from alternate media, then you haven't run fsck on every partition. If you aren't positive how to accomplish it, run lsblk and copy/paste it here, using code tags so the indentation is correct.

    Upgrades between releases isn't something to do on a whim. The system needs to be fully up-to-date before starting. That would be sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade working without any errors. Errors tend to explode during release migrations. I've never seen a problem system get better by forcing a new release. Reboot if anything gets installed, then make a full know-you-can-restore backup. Not optional.

    We are all different, but I would stay on 18.04 which is an LTS release with 5 yrs of patches and wait for a few months after the next LTS is released in 20.04. If you move passed 18.04, then you are signing up to install a new OS every 6 months until 20.04 is released.

    Support for 18.10 ends shortly, about 6 weeks. Non-LTS releases have 6-9 months of support.

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    Re: Unable to upgrade to 18.10

    Just to agree I would not upgrade to 18.10 without some compelling reason. I'd wait for 20.04 at least.
    I wouldn't even attempt an upgrade unless everything was working as expected.
    I don't understand what you mean by "when I reboot into 18.10"
    If you're running 18.04 how are you booting into 18.10? Are you attempting a release upgrade? If so how are your doing that?


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