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Thread: [18.04] Network timeout wrong

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    [18.04] Network timeout wrong

    Default 18.04 Ubuntu is set with a network timeout of 5 minutes! As in: sudo vi /lib/systemd/system/networking.service I had to change it to 5 sec to make Ubuntu boot fast without networking problems. Who thought of this strange timeout? Can't the peeps at Ubuntu change this to a logical value that works. Who wants to wait 5 minutes for the networking service to timeout. This is just soo strange! Please default change it in the future Ubuntu ISO files.

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    Re: [18.04] Network timeout wrong

    Sounds like you should file a bug report. Unlikely it will be noticed here by a systemd maintainer.

    on a side note...
    I don't remember off the top of my head where it is in systemd, but there is a overall setting that won't let any boot process run over x amount of time. It also had a high time out value by default.

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