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Thread: [18.04] Multi display default settings - huge problems

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    [18.04] Multi display default settings - huge problems

    I installed Ubuntu 18.04. And multi display support is not good. Problems: - Login screen for password always goes to 2nd screen, never primary. - Icons goto 2nd screen, if you drag them back to primary screen, then disconnect 2nd screen, all desktop icons vanish from the primary screen onto the disconnected screen. I just don't understand how multi display support is implemented so horrible! Till so far I could not find any fix for it that actually works.

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    Re: [18.04] Multi display default settings - huge problems

    i installed Kubuntu - similar issues - it just ignores the settings.

    try to set the secondary screen as inactive (i.e. deactivate it in settings). i got it all on primary screen then, however some applications still launch on secondary screen (no matter if it is plugged in or not) and disable the primary one.
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