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Thread: Samba force group question

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    Samba force group question

    Over the years, I've migrated my smb settings from one version to the next and always had "force user" and "force group" under the share this:

    comment = Home
    path = /home
    public = yes
    writable = yes
    create mask = 0660
    directory mask = 0770
    force user = don
    # force group = mythtv

    On this version, "force group" gave me errors similar to this thread:

    Removing that line seems to have resolved the problem. Not sure why I've always had it,or, what it does. Is that parameter obsolete?


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    Re: Samba force group question

    I don't know. Never used either "force whatever" myself. We always setup Unix groups and all members for a specific share are in the same group.
    For lots of locations, only the [homes] stanza is needed.
      comment = Home Directories
      hosts allow =  
      hosts deny =
      browseable = yes
      guest ok = no
      writable = yes
      create mask = 0644
      directory mask = 0755
      valid users = %S
    Homes is special.

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    Re: Samba force group question

    Force user/group tells Samba to use those credentials when talking with the operating system. I've used them in the past when I was sharing an accounting application to a half-dozen users and wanted all the Linux-level file transactions to take place under a single pseudo-user.

    In your case, there's no obvious reason why you would want Linux to address the /home branch as group "mythtv". I'm actually a little puzzled as to why user "don" is the owner of /home. /home should be owned by root:root. /home/don should be owned by user "don" and by don's primary group. Usually in Ubuntu those are the same.
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