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Lets say you have an app open, and want to open the "file" menu, you move your mouse upwards and left, and you click your left mouse button. (do this very quickly, only move up and left, don't move back down). What happens?

For me, my mouse pointer goes to the very top of the screen, I click, but nothing happens. No menus appear.

This is because there's a dead pixel above all the menu entries so clicking there will do nothing. I have to move my mouse down a couple pixels then click to open the menu. This is very annoying.

I don't know Gtk programming (or any programming at all for that matter ) so I dunno if I could find the necessary value/line in the source code...

...I was wondering if you could, seeing as you seem familiar with the source

Perhaps, but I still have no idea what you're talking about. Maybe you could give me a picture of where your mouse is?