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Thread: Mac-style Menu Bar for GTK and Java/Swing applications!

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    Re: Mac-style Menu Bar for GTK and Java/Swing applications!

    Quote Originally Posted by sunilsattiraju View Post
    Hi.. these screenshots looks great..
    i am trying to do this on my Edgy..but i am having problem (cos i am newbie)
    i compile and installed everything according to your steps but how do i edit the below values??

    There are some environment variables to customize the menubar:
    • GTK_MENUBAR_INACTIVE_OPACITY - value from 0.0 to 1.0, menubar opacity (default 0.66666...)
    • GTK_MENUBAR_ACTIVE_OPACITY - value from 0.0 to 1.0, menubar opacity when the mouse hovers it (default 1.0)
    • GTK_MENUBAR_NO_MAC - set to 1 to disable mac-style menubar (required by acrobat reader 7)
    • GTK_MENUBAR_TITLE_WIDTH - width (in pixel) of the gradient title label, next to menubar (default 0). THIS DOESN'T WORK WITH gtk+ 2.8.x.
    • GTK_MENUBAR_TITLE_FONT - text font family name for the gradient title label, (default "Times")
    Hi! You can set an environment variables in 3 ways:
    1. Set in your ~/.bashrc for yourself or add a script /etc/profile.d/ for everyone (permission 755). They will take effect after an user re-login, and may be overrided by next two methods.
    2. Set in current shell or a script such as ~/.xinitrc, same as above, except for that it only affects a program later started from the shell or script. From shell it's just like
      [user ~]$ export GTK_MENUBAR_INACTIVE_OPACITY=0.75
    3. Set when a program starts from shell, syntax like:
      [user ~]$ GTK_MENUBAR_NO_MAC=1 bluefish
      [user ~]$ GTK_MENUBAR_TITLE_WIDTH=150 GTK_MENUBAR_TITLE_FONT="Apple Garamond" exec bluefish

    PS: you need to have a x compositor or Xgl/compiz to make the menubar transparent.

    Quote Originally Posted by sunilsattiraju View Post
    Java/Swing mac menubar
    Similar to the GTK one

    i cant find the below directory on my edgy
    su to root and make a backup of /opt/java/jre/lib/rt.jar

    please help
    Ah, obviously ubuntu doesn't install java to the same place as we do

    If you have java installed, you can find the jre directory by running "which java"

    BTW the java patch is not as good as the gtk one. And if you have trouble using it with any application, please tell me.
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