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Thread: Audio problem from Snips

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    Audio problem from Snips

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this forum but I've been using Ubuntu for a few years.
    I'm having a problem with Ubuntu 16.04, more precisely with the use of the sound card (is the Intel integrated on the laptop).
    I installed Snips to create a voice assistant, snips-audio-server I think takes exclusive use of the sound card, in fact I only see Output Dummy in audio settings, and therefore any other sound apart from the assistant is not played. the restart of the service I see the video card and the assistant no longer reproduces any sound.
    I installed pavucontrol and see that any other application plays music but on dummy output.
    How can I prevent a service or application from taking the sound card exclusively?

    Thank you all.

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    Re: Audio problem from Snips

    Thread moved to Multimedia Software for a better fit

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