When I connect my Windows 10 laptop to my Ubuntu 19.04 laptop I can see the mouse pointer on the windows end but it is not visible on the Ubuntu side. Clicking does not work. However when I reverse the situation the Ubuntu computer has full control over Windows 10. There is also an issue with Teamviewer versions.. The only one which works properly from Ubuntu is version 14.1.9025. I updated all my installed software recently which included Teamviewer which became version 14.2.8352. However although this is the same version as the PC end it made everything worse as I was getting "Partner could not be contacted at the given network address" errors. I deleted an account entry for my pc as one of my devices on the Teamviewer page and it appeared to work as next time I tried the computers connected. However the second time I tried the network address error reappeared. I reinstalled version 14.1.9025 and everything was restored to working normally again except for the Windows to ubuntu no clicks issue. Any advice on ho to get this to work would be appreciated.