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Thread: Can't install Nvidia driver - 19.04

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    Can't install Nvidia driver - 19.04

    Hi anybody who is kind enough to read this, is willing to help me and has the knowledge or skills (which apparently I don't). Thanks in advance no matter the outcome.

    I've recently installed 19.04 on a laptop with GeForce GTX 660M but I'm not happy with the video performance (especially streaming in Firefox where I get slightly broken frames in scenes with fast motion). This could be a browser issue (Flash, etc.) but one thing at a time.

    I've tried installing the Nvidia driver ( but I get the error below. I've googled the warning, tried several things people suggested but none has worked for me so far.

    Looking forward to any suggestion here. Thanks for your time.

    ERROR: An NVIDIA kernel module 'nvidia-drm' appears to already be loaded in
    your kernel. This may be because it is in use (for example, by an X
    server, a CUDA program, or the NVIDIA Persistence Daemon), but this
    may also happen if your kernel was configured without support for
    module unloading. Please be sure to exit any programs that may be
    using the GPU(s) before attempting to upgrade your driver. If no
    GPU-based programs are running, you know that your kernel supports
    module unloading, and you still receive this message, then an error
    may have occured that has corrupted an NVIDIA kernel module's usage
    count, for which the simplest remedy is to reboot your computer.

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    Re: Can't install Nvidia driver - 19.04

    Try this command - I think you'll find a nvidia driver already installed:
    apt search nvidia | grep installed

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    Re: Can't install Nvidia driver - 19.04

    Where did you get that driver from?

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    Re: Can't install Nvidia driver - 19.04

    Wondering why you didn't install Nvidia drivers from the repositories?

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