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Thread: Why does Ubuntu have so much trouble upgrading smoothly?

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    Re: Why does Ubuntu have so much trouble upgrading smoothly?

    Info based on 66% of known 18.04 users only. 80/20 clean installation vs upgrade. There is no data on installation or upgrade issues.
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    Re: Why does Ubuntu have so much trouble upgrading smoothly?

    well you basically can't upgrade Kubuntu 14.04 to 16.04. the bug is known for at least 3 years and solution is to disable upgrade message or do a backup and reinstall. no one was bothered to fix it. i imagine the thinking in Ubunto is somewhat similar. it will work most of the time so they obviously don't bother too much with testing it.

    personally i had mixed experience. sometimes it went straight, sometimes it broke. i don't have many PPA and they are now disabled on upgrade anyway. i am not sure why the upgrade would actually stop or break. i mean it just overwrites the old data with new data, removes some items no longer supported, probably resets some settings (or leave them as they are) and that's it. it went like that on server (very smooth). i am not sure why there is so many issues on desktop. why so often it stops in the middle. moreover i am note sure why at least you can't do a successful upgrade with a live cd at hand. boot live, overwrite data, remove the not needed data-* and reboot.

    windows upgrades are relatively smooth (not counting the latest bugs). At least when they find the problem they stop the uprgade until they resolve it. i remember back in the days i did 95 to 98 to XP with no issues. and they were all "customised" a lot more than linux.
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    Re: Why does Ubuntu have so much trouble upgrading smoothly?

    I have an old P4 laptop with a cyberblade graphics. 12.04 worked very well on it, but anything after did not. When 16.04 came out, figured would try again. Seemed like every 16.04 I put in to try worked, but the LTS lubuntu(LXDE?) I was using since 12.04 would not. Don't think any OS maker can have every option for every computer in their installers/upgraders.

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