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Thread: Restart results in black acreen new kernel 4.15.0-47

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    Restart results in black acreen new kernel 4.15.0-47

    I tried adding nomodeset as described - system booted but would not recognize my monitor so I was stuck on the laptop screen. I'm running ubuntu 18.04 with xfce desktop. I could not add the monitor after several tries so I purged 4.15.0-48 image and headers.

    System boots fine now (to 4.15.0-47) so evidently everything else in the update (I noticed systemd and several other upgrades) must be working okay.

    What (if anything) do I do next?

    TIA for advice...

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    Re: Restart results in black acreen new kernel 4.15.0-47

    Thread moved from here to its own thread in General Help.
    @lou6: if I have understood your post correctly, you are using a different kernel to the one mentioned in the original thread. Because of changes between kernel versions that could potentially affect solutions, this could cause some confusion to others looking for help with similar problems. This is why we often recommend starting your own thread, even if the problem seems to be similar.
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