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Thread: VPN using Stronswan

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    VPN using Stronswan

    I am using Strongswan to connect to my client vpn network.
    I setup the vpn as the client documentation using (EAP).
    I am able to login to the vpn, as it is asking every time to verify using my mobile Application "Microsoft authenticator" (it is setup with 2 facator authentication)
    But my browser or my ping cannot reach any resource on that network.

    When I do :
    journalctl -f

    I keep receiving this message repeatedly over and over thousand times

    <my computer name> charon-nm[4641]: received packet: from <ip address> [4500] to[54781] (72 bytes)
    <my computer name> charon-nm[4641]: 10[ENC] parsed INFORMATIONAL request 356 [ ]
    <my computer name> charon-nm[4641]: 10[ENC] generating INFORMATIONAL response 356 [ ]
    <my computer name> charon-nm[4641]: 10[NET] sending packet: from[54781] to <some ip address> [4500]
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