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Thread: Wine repository matching ubuntu version?

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    Wine repository matching ubuntu version?

    Having just installed xubuntu 19.04, i want to install wine from wine's repositories.
    But, looking at the wine repos i can only see repositories for older ubuntu releases.
    Ok i might be a bit impatient since this release is only a few days old, but in principle, what are my options here (besides waiting), and what would have happened if i upgraded a 18.04 installation with a working wine-repository?


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    Re: Wine repository matching ubuntu version?

    I faced a similar concern. While running beta 19.04 I selected the 18.10 repo's from the WineHQ site and it worked fine, but a day after 19.04 dropped something broke and Wine uninstalled. What I could suggest is installing wine-staging from the Ubuntu repo's as they are very close to what is currently available and as soon as the 19.04 repo's appear switch to them (that is what I would have done if I hadn't decided to switch back to 18.04 for a bit more stability).
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