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Thread: Problem getting a game to run

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    Problem getting a game to run

    I've been trying to get a game working and I tried using wine to get it working but someone commented they might be using encryption is there still a way to get it working I've been getting messages about failing to load .Lub

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    Re: Problem getting a game to run

    Many Windows programs run under wine, and many do not at all. It's kind of a crapshoot.

    Here's what WineHQ says:

    It might work, but it doesn't look good.

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    Re: Problem getting a game to run

    I have been finding myself more and more favouring Lutris when it comes to setting up games to work which aren't covered by Steam and Proton directly. should give an indication if Lutris can be of assistance (I am currently behind a firewall which won't allow me to open the link due to it being Gaming in nature).
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    Re: Problem getting a game to run

    the issue with Lutris (as i read, but not sure if it's true) is that it could make the OS unstable. before i decided what to do i did some research and to me it seems that Playonlinux is safer option. however on the other hand stuff that is supposed to work flawlessly on Play on linux is simply not working (their scripts are not working at all it seems).

    Lutris - potentialy unforeseen consequences
    Proton - for steam games
    Playonlinux - safe but scripts are no longer working. so only a GUI for Wine?!
    Wine - CLI interface, app maintenance with good intention but disastrous execution (platinum ratings for non working titles, titles that used to work flawlessly no longer work....)

    now i wonder if Crossover works better and if it's worth to buy it. at the very least i would expect good customer support if i paid for it.
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