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Thread: Acer Swift 3 14 lm-sensors not detecting fans

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    Acer Swift 3 14 lm-sensors not detecting fans

    I have Acer Swift 3 14 laptop that has Ubuntu 18.04.02 LTS installed. It is dualbooted with Windows 10.Under windows I can clearly hear fans. However when I was compiling Linux Kernel in VM within Ubuntu other day laptop became very hot, I thought it would be normal but out of curiosity afterwards I decided to check my fan speed as I couldn't hear any fan at all since started using the Ubuntu system.I installed TLP btw.So I thought that may be the reason why fan never kicks in(as it was in power save mode on battery). I did lm-sensor detect with default settings as it was the most given respond when I searched for how to check fan speed . I can see CPU temps and they look fine around 40 degrees on idle.That maybe the reason why I never heard of fans as I only did basic text editing and browsing on Ubuntu except VM stuff and maybe tlp was keeping fans from running. That is what I thought.During browsing it was bit worm.I would say slightly warmer than windows but not too much to make me suspicious.However I still coudn't find fan speed even after installing hardinfo.Since I also can't find it on lm-sensor I became suspicious whether it is not recognised and doesn't run at all.Is it normal I can't see any fan info? If not how can I fix it? Thanks for the help.
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