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Thread: SSO Account Login

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    SSO Account Login

    Hi there,

    I have not used this forum in a while but when logging in using SSO I found that I had been logged into a newly created account captchadd2.

    My actual account is captchadd and this is the profile url:

    I was hoping that the captchadd2 account could be deleted and then my SSO account attached to the captchadd profile.

    Kind regards

    CaptChadd / David

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    Re: SSO Account Login

    Forum is tied to SSO by email account.
    So login to SSO with your old email account & you should have your old account.

    If old email is obsolete, and you only want new email, PM me (do not post) your old email, to confirm account is really yours & I will change forum to see new email on old account.
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