Is it possible that restoring files from a backup made by deja-dup in /home would corrupt or damage files in any other directory or folder? What I have in /home is data and not script files or the like that (in what insane world?) could run in an unexpected manner. I keep a production 'puter here and don't code or mess with things in /usr /bin/ "/" or elsewhere.

After upgrading from 16.04 to 18.04, my app, Gourmet Recipe Manager would not work. After extensive correspondence with the developer and coders q.v. --

they advise that the OS is the problem. That is, somewhere in the OS, not the whole thing.

I would make the solution to this easy by doing a clean install, but if the problem is back at the deja-dup created backup of /home I don't want to make the same problem reappear.

Some help, please?