I’m closely following along Microsoft’s official docs for VSC for Python debugging and linting.

The Linting guide explain this in the introductory paragraphs:

By default, linting for Python is enabled in Visual Studio Code using Pylint, and you can enable other linters of your choice. You can easily enable and disable all linting by using the Python: Enable Linting command. To enable linters other than the default PyLint, open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) and select the Python: Select Linter command. This command adds `"python.linting<linter>Enabled": true` to your settings, where `<linter>` is the name of the chosen linter. See Specific linters for details.
When I navigate to Pylint.org (the hyperlink in the first sentence there), I install the Linter as it instructs for my Linux distro (Manjaro). I restart VSC. Then when I invoke Ctrl+Shift+P and enter ‘python’ or ‘pylint’, nothing turns up. It’s as if it doesn’t exist on my system even though I clearly just installed it.

What am I missing here? How do I install the Python Linter as explained in the official tutorial there?

I’m looking for a solution that is probably trivial and obvious to the expert programmer. I’m ready to be gently hit over the head with a “cluebat.”

By the way: What happened to this sub-forum's thread history? It looks like it only goes back 4 weeks. Did the moderators wipe out years worth of previous posts?