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Thread: Need to run "Windows USB Installation Tool for Windows 7" in Linux.

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    Need to run "Windows USB Installation Tool for Windows 7" in Linux.

    Part of the %&$#ed Up Update Saga: Episode I | Episode II

    I must go back to using Windows 7 while I nuke my current Ubuntu install and reinstall everything from scratch thanks to a screwed up update from March 15 2019.

    The Windows 7 installer does not support USB 3.0, and my computer only has USB 3.0 ports.

    I must put the USB 3.0 drivers into the "install.wim" in the Windows 7 installation image (that I have on a USB stick now). The only reasonable solution I could find was this:

    That program only works in Windows, and does not work in WINE.

    How do I get it to run properly in Linux? I only have one computer now (this one) so the option of "use another computer with Windows and run the program stoopid!" isn't an option.

    My computer has become an overpriced brick taking up table space ever since that screwed up update wormed its way into my computer. This whole ordeal has been infuriating. Help would be appreciated. Otherwise, I'll have to use Windows 10 if there is no solution, because this messed up update has definitely forced me to question my faith in Linux.
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