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Thread: Upgrade to 18.04 on laptop with partition

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    Upgrade to 18.04 on laptop with partition

    I am using ubuntu 16.04 on a laptop with partition for windows7. I was recently asked whether I want to upgrade to ubuntu 18.04. I am concerned that the upgrade might create problems since I have this partition, can you please tell me whether I can simply proceed with the upgrade or if I have to take care of something particular in order to keep the windows partition?

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    Re: Upgrade to 18.04 on laptop with partition

    It doesn't matter that you have a partition with Window 7 on the same computer. But make sure you've got backups of all your important files anyway. Although upgrades never failed on my computers, there are many stories about failed upgrades on the forum. Take your precautions.

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    Re: Upgrade to 18.04 on laptop with partition

    It's a normal concern but the installer auto configures the system to install along side windows by default.

    Here is a video

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    Re: Upgrade to 18.04 on laptop with partition

    An upgrade should not have any effect on other than system partitions for Ubuntu (or any LInux) without user intervention. The advantage of an upgrade is that you an keep configurations you have set on the old system. Disadvantage is that it takes much longer in most cases. Any time you are doing a major change (upgrade) on any system, you should have good backups of any data important to you.

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