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Thread: My yu gi oh game started lagging since 4.0 wine...

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    Unhappy My yu gi oh game started lagging since 4.0 wine...

    I have this very very old laptop which I use to code and play yu gi oh power of chaos trilogy games. Everything worked fine on lubuntu 18.04 and wine 3.5 i believe. I wanted to switch to lubuntu 18.10 and try lxqt but since then, scrolling cards in my deck constructor inside a game just takes like 5-6 second for each scroll. Like i scroll one tick down, and game freezes for 5 seconds before it scrolls down. It's not that big of a deal but takes a lot of time to manage my deck. This didn't happen before, so I assumed it's fault in lubuntu 18.10. So I try to install xubuntu 18.04 and same error is happening, which is safe to assume that wine 4.0 is the problem or causing it. Is there a way I can install older version of wine so I can play these games without this weird lag? That's the only windows app I run literally I don't really care which version I run as long as yu gi oh works. Thanks!

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    Re: My yu gi oh game started lagging since 4.0 wine...

    ()ubuntu 18.04 shows:
    Package wine-stable
    bionic (18.04LTS) (otherosfs): Windows API implementation - standard suite [universe]
    3.0-1ubuntu1: all
    So if you install Wine-stable you should be running Wine 3.0 (but this may not be the issue that you are facing).
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