Hi everyone. Long time anon reader, first time poster.

I'm working a lab atm to create a VM based desktop solution, to hopefully produce a "thin client" style, domain controlled environment. I am having some luck. Some being the operative word.

My issue is:

I have installed completely default lubuntu and made no changes. I have then domain joined on the network.
Now the Lubuntu SDDM is showing me EVERY domain object as a login option, with a scrollable list. This doesn't seem to be restricted to Domain Users, but Domain workstations as well. For example, the 2nd VM is showing up as a login name.

Is there a way to reduce SDDM to only show localusers + manual option. Or, manual only at least?

Other than that, the solution seems to work as intended so far.

I have attached a screenshot as an example to hopefully illustrate my issue.

Really appreciate any help or suggestions in advance.


Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 14.56.15.jpg