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Thread: Occasionally cors error out of the blue for x seconds

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    Occasionally cors error out of the blue for x seconds

    I am building my API with Laravel's Lumen (newest version). My front-end is build with VueJS.

    Everything is working perfectly fine, but every now and then out of the blue I receive CORS errors. After x-amount of minutes (or seconds) it will be gone again like nothing ever happened.

    I have been searching for error logs and other stuff for days but without results. Could anyone please tell me how I can find out what is wrong?

    I am totally clueless at the moment.

    Ubuntu 18.04 with Apache2. Lumen (newest) with VueJS (newest).

    The error that I am receiving is:

    Cross-Origin-aanvraag geblokkeerd: de Same Origin Policy staat het lezen van de externe bron op niet toe. (Reden: CORS-aanvraag is niet gelukt).

    Translated to English:

    Cross-Origin-Request blocked. The Same Origin Policy does not allow reading from the external source at {website}. Reason: CORS-request failed.

    As said, sometimes I can work for half an hour or so before this error occurs. After a couple of refreshes the error is gone and everything works as intended.

    I checked my PHP7.2-FPM log, Apache2 log, Laravel (Lumen) logs but nothing is mentioned anywhere.

    I also checked RAM and CPU, compared to when I have this error and when not. No difference. Same for network information with (sudo ifconfig). Both the same no difference.

    Does anyone have a clue where to look?

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    Re: Occasionally cors error out of the blue for x seconds

    Thread moved to New to Ubuntu a more appropriate sub-forum.


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