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Thread: Dark theme for Kdenlive

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    Dark theme for Kdenlive

    does anyone know the proper way of getting a dark theme for Kdenlive in ubuntu / xubuntu (my case)? I've read many opinions on many forums, and what I got from that are two ways - installing "kde-runtime" or installing "plasma-workspace & plasma-desktop". I presume they work as there was positive feedback. But it feels weird to bloat my laptop with tons of unnecessary KDE libraries, isn't there some other way? Or is it at least worth it, to go with the solution I described above?


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    Re: Dark theme for Kdenlive

    I have the same question.
    When I try Kdenlive 19 (on ubuntu 19.04) with AppImage packing it is load with Dark theme, meantime I doesn't like install a lot of unnecessary KDE libs just for this.
    I will follow this thread.

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    Re: Dark theme for Kdenlive

    So any suggestions? Waiting for the Answers...

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