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Thread: Ubuntu&Miix 320 2 in 1

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    Ubuntu&Miix 320 2 in 1

    installed Ubuntu 18.10, lenovo 10.1" ideapad Miix 320 2 in 1.
    all working ok, except for microSD card and webcams.
    i'm not interested in webcams, but i need to work with micro SD card.
    with micro SD card inserted system boot, after login screen got black screen without cursor.
    how can i solve this ?

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    Re: Ubuntu&Miix 320 2 in 1

    I think you should insert sd card after boot. Or you can set the bios to disable booting from it. I never boot with an attached storage item.

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    Re: Ubuntu&Miix 320 2 in 1

    Thank you !
    I will give will give a try.
    Testing ubuntu 19.10 from ubuntu daily build, all ok.
    Touch screen working perfect.
    webcam and miscro sd still not working.


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