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Thread: Canon mf4270 on small network works on 16.04, not on 18.04

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    Canon mf4270 on small network works on 16.04, not on 18.04

    I use ubuntu with two computers on a home network (which has other non-linux users). There is a Canon mf4270 with its own network address which works well with ubuntu 16.04. Upgraded one computer to ubuntu 18.04. Installed latest canon drivers, then reverted to the same canon drivers used on the 16.04 machine, and the failure is the same with both. When one invokes printer from 18.04, the printer makes a noise like it is preparing to print, but no printing takes place. The printer returns "waiting on printer to finish" message from either computer, and the print queue grows. To free up the printer for use from the 16.04 machine, one must reboot the printer by cycling the power.

    Perusing the error log file has not identified to this novice user why this problem exists.

    It appears to me that the problem accrues to the cups system changes from 16.04 to 18.04.

    Comments and/or assistance are welcomed.
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