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Thread: xerox 6510 driver woes

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    Question xerox 6510 driver woes

    Recently bought a Xerox phaser 6510 color laser, one of the reasons being that xerox provides linux drivers.

    I installed the printer through the system settings dialog, choosing the driver that Ubuntu recommended (Xerox Phaser 6360DX Foomatic/Postscript, 6510 wasn't on the list).
    Works excellent except for some reason the cyan turns out kind of greenish when i print, EXCEPT for on the test page printed through the printer options dialog. So i know that Ubuntu can tell the printer to print pure cyan.

    Then i downloaded the phaser 6510 driver from the Xerox website, and installed the .deb
    Which did absolutely nothing at all.
    There is no .ppd inside the package, i have no idea where the driver even was installed, and it's not added to the list of possible printers to choose from when installing the printer driver through the dialog.

    I also downloaded the windows drivers to pick them apart looking for a .ppd but no luck so far.

    When reading about color problems i read someone suggesting changing the printer color mode to CMYK in printer properties > options.
    The Xerox Phaser 6360DX Foomatic/Postscript driver does not have this option, so i tried the Xerox Phaser 6360DX - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.11 driver instead.
    This does have color mode options, but the only options as grayscale & reversed grayscale, like a dystiopan french indy movie...

    To summarize my questions:
    1) where did that driver from the xerox website go after i installed it?
    2) why does the CUPS+Gutenprint only have grayscale options?
    3) does anyone have a .ppd for the phaser 6510 laying around gathering dust?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: xerox 6510 driver woes

    If you still need this...Here you go.

    IIRC I pulled these from the Windows driver package provided on the Xerox support site. As I recall, the original 6510 PPD was unusable due to a minor syntax error or two. I fixed those; this is the corrected copy. (I don't recall whether the 6515 file was edited, OK as-is, or neither; caveat emptor.)

    In regular use about six months now...haven't noticed any problems yet. Hope it helps.
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