Hi guys,

I'm new to Ubuntu and any help is greatly appreciated.

I've been having a problem with accessing the internet recently. In general, I can access the internet, but some functionality is lost on certain sites.

For example; I cannot log in to paypal/upwork. However, I have been able to access gmail. I can log in to my hosting provider, but cannot upload files. On windows 7, I have absolutely no problems with the internet and I can confirm there is nothing wrong with these websites.

I have tried changing:
MTU (maximum for my connection was 1452 with a ping to
disabling IPv6 in firefox
and even updated the kernel as I read somewhere about that being a problem for someone else, but none of this has worked so far.

On logging in to upwork, the browser just "freezes". Sometimes Firefox will post a NETWORK PROTOCOL ERROR, but that's it. I have tried other browser to no avail.

Thank you again for any help.