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Thread: Fedora vs Linux Mint vs Ubuntu - Which one is easy?

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    Re: Fedora vs Linux Mint vs Ubuntu - Which one is easy?

    Fedora is Red Hat’s community project that is introduce within the Linux server, it's is forward-thinking and perpetually ever-changing, nonetheless, it somehow manages to take care of plenty additional stability which is also a best thing about Fedora.

    On the other side, Ubuntu is predicated on Debian, one among the best option of Linux. I even have an enormous space in my heart for Debian, and that I have used it on several computers over the years. Ubuntu is “smooth” the expertise, and create installation, use and maintenance easier for finish users.

    Mint may be a split -off from Ubuntu. They took the code at a particular purpose and created a replacement project however doing their own totally different developments. this is often referred to as a fork.
    So I suggest you to go with Ubuntu it is user friendly and a best one Linux based software for beginner.

    I must say you have to use Ubuntu it is user friendly and a best option for beginners.
    Thanks and regards
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    Re: Fedora vs Linux Mint vs Ubuntu - Which one is easy?

    Personally, I would tell you to fire-up some LiveCD versions of Ubuntu.

    Try a live session of Ubuntu (Gnome), Kubuntu (KDE), Xubuntu (XFCE), Ubuntu MATE, and Ubuntu Budgie. Since you are new to the Linux world.

    The primary differences between these distributions, is the desktop environment. This is the surface level interface for the Ubuntu OS. There are other DE's than the 5 I listed, but they seem to be the most popular incarnations.

    Once you have chosen a DE that you like, the choice becomes simple. And while you are learning the differences between these DE's, you are still learning the fundamentals of Ubuntu, which encompasses all off the above.
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    Re: Fedora vs Linux Mint vs Ubuntu - Which one is easy?

    Just to add my thoughts to what others have already said:

    I started out with Knoppix in 2005 and then hopped around from distro to distro (and believe me I have tried pretty much everything out there).

    I think you are not asking the right question. It is not about what is easy but about how much you are prepared to learn about a new way of doing things. If you are willing, then really any distro is "easy" in that sense.

    Personally, I recommend one of the flavours of Ubuntu. For the most part, it just works without needing to really do too much.

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