I know this topic has been dealt with before but my "problem" is a bit different.

I want to enable/disable specific usb-ports. The theory is clear as it is well described on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/...b-device-again . Example:
Turn off device ID 2-1:

echo '2-1' |sudo tee /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/unbind
In my case it´s the following I want to do:

disabling the usb-port my wlan-stick is attached to.
That´s because I don´t need it when I use my umts-stick for internet-connection.

BUT: The wlan-stick isn´t attached directly to a usb-port on the computer but to a usb-hub which itself is connected to another
usb-hub (hama 78483) with its own power-supply.

So when using the recommended command, in my case:

echo '1-1.2.1' |sudo tee /sys/bus/usb/drivers/usb/unbind
whould that have any effect at all? Because the hama hub with its own power-supply delivers power all the time, right?
Is there possibly another way of disabling a certain usb-device that suits my needs?

Many thanks in advance


My system: Linux/Lubuntu 16.04.5 LTS, 64 bit