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Thread: Driver for Canon printer

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    Driver for Canon printer

    (There doesn't seem to be a forum for Very Very New users; my problem is nowhere near the level of understanding of the others that I've read in this forum (I see similar posts but none relating to my model); so, with apologies...)

    I have Linux Lite 3.8 running on a PC with a Pentium 4 CPU at 3.00 GHz, with 958260 kB memory.
    I have been trying to get my PC to print on a Canon PIXMA iP2200 colour printer.
    Since there doesn't appear to be a driver available for this model printer (model numbers above and below, but not this one), I have downloaded Gutenprint.
    I haven't succeeded in printing a test page or a document. The print queue shows nothing, despite requests accumulating up to Job 11 currently.
    Under System/Printers, I see Print State Idle State Reasons cups-missing-filter-warning. On the Cups website I can't find anything about filters.

    I'd greatly appreciate advice about how to proceed.
    Many thanks

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    Re: Driver for Canon printer

    Thread moved to Ubuntu/Debian BASED sub-forum.

    You will probably find more people with experience of Linux Lite on Linux Lite's own forum -
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    Re: Driver for Canon printer

    I'm not a Lite user, nor do I have that printer but it seems that Canon do not put much effort into providing good Linux support for their printers. With the variety of Linux distros around, often with subtle differences, I can see they might not reckon it cost-effective.

    If you haven't already found a solution, you could try the driver for a related model, if there is one - one with a similar number which they advertise as having similar functionality?

    I had a driver issue after upgrading my Ubuntu because the driver (generic to the series of printers including mine) which worked fine on the old Ubuntu lost some of its functionality in the new; some aspects of colour printing and duplex printing were lost, although 95% of the printing I did was fine. With a dual boot system I was able to directly compare, and had a work-around for the other 5%. However, when the old printer died I decided to replace like for like (better the devil you know...) and to my surprise found that the new printer worked perfectly. There was no indication online or in the setup locally that anything had been changed, but it must have been, and it must have been in the printer's own firmware!
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