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Thread: fetching a .deb from an alternate repository

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    fetching a .deb from an alternate repository

    is there a direct "one command" way to fetch a .deb file from an alternate repository named on an apt-add-repository without actually adding a (that) repository to your sources, like maybe a direct URL download from that repository?

    rephrasing the question:

    based on many useless answer google found for me and the way some of them were asked:

    given the name (or hostname) of a debian/ubuntu repository, and a package name (and architecture and distro version), is there a way to construct an HTTP URL that can be fetched to download the .deb file? i might like to download it in a user that has no sudo privileges and/or on a different host.

    i am NOT wanting any suggestions for tool to download files based on URLs. i already have such a tool that does what else i need.
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    Re: fetching a .deb from an alternate repoditory

    Do you have synaptic package manager installed?

    When you mark a package for installation, you can generate a download script via the file menu.

    The script uses wget as in the following example:-

    Here is the website for wget:-

    Any help?

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    Re: fetching a .deb from an alternate repoditory

    ....and this page details how to find a direct link to a deb file from a ppa and an example script to construct a URL from the ppa.
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