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    New here

    I am looking for a way to mount a gopro session and a gopro hero three+ white on to my ubunto laptop which has 14.01

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    Re: New here

    ...which has 14.01
    I assume you mean 14.04 there which is a current LTS release, if you mean 14.10 it has gone "end of life" and as such may not be able to have any further packages added if needed. Let us know which it is please.

    I don't use or know too much about gopro cameras, though --this thread-- may be worth a read for you. You may need to add exfat-utils and exfat-fuse packages to you installation to access gopro data on Ubuntu. The OP in the linked thread is using a gopro 4 on 16.04 though the advice may well suit your situation.

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