I had my Mint 19.1 x64 installation put icons (links) to my filesystem and removable drives by right clicking the Desktop, clicking Desktop Settings > Icons tab then checking Removable Devices in the Default Icons section. It shows removable devices, including the zfs mirrored pool volume I set up. But the zfs mirrored pool volume icon is greyed out and clicking it gives a 'Failed to mount: mount: /path/to/Volume_Name: operation permitted for root only' error.

But the volume is mounted and I can create, save, edit, and delete files by going through File Manager to /path/to/Volume_Name. Right clicking the greyed out Volume_Name on the Desktop gives the context menu of Open; Mount Volume; and Properties - Properties is greyed out. Logging into the GUI as root doesn't make the Properties right click context menu of the zfs pool volume icon on the Desktop accessible - it remains greyed out.

Is there any way to make the greyed out Volume_Name icon on the Desktop open the zfs pool volume?