First, I'm just a few steps ahead of being an Ubuntu beginner. Been using it for a couple years, but haven't spent a TON of time getting good at it. I use it mostly for running my two businesses, so it's pretty much just a workhorse. I don't do any development or engineering on it.

I'm good at figuring out problems in general and doing my research to fix things on my own, but a lot of the places I have ended up lately assume I already know some things that, well, I don't. So, I might need a little simplicity for now.

So, here's my support request:

I'm running Ubuntu 16.04 on my Lenovo G580 laptop.

For a time, I would occasionally run a second display by connecting an HDMI cord to a small Emerson HDTV. Yeah, I know, it's tacky, but why buy a second monitor when I have an TV that's mostly unused?

It was working fine until recently, the TV acts like it is receiving nothing, and even tells me it will auto shut-off do to a lack of activity and no signal.

In the display settings, Ubuntu is detecting the second display just fine. I can even mouse over to the second display as if it were there, which of course results in losing my cursor until I bring it back over.

Tested a different cord, no dice.

The TV receives signal just fine from other devices (PS4, Roku).

Connected laptop to another display (big TV in living room), BAM! Worked.

Any idea why this other display and Ubuntu would suddenly decide to stop playing nice when I had no issues before? I haven't made any major changes. Like I said, I mostly just do work for my two businesses.

I know I could go buy a monitor, but I think this will be a fun learning experience for me. I've been trying to delve a little deeper into this OS lately and learn more.

Looking forward to your responses!