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Thread: Gnome workspaces rearrange windows

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    Gnome workspaces rearrange windows

    In 18.04, if I place some windows in workspace below an empty workspace, the empty workspace vanishes, as if to save space.

    It looks a bit like this:

    [x]                               [x]
    [ ] -> automatically becomes ->   [x]
    [x]                               [ ]
    [x] represents a workspace with some windows in it and [ ] represents an empty workspace.
    How do I turn this feature off?

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    Re: Gnome workspaces rearrange windows

    Gnome desktop by default only keeps one empty workspace - the last (bottom) one. If you delete all content from a workspace, that workspace is deleted as well.

    The alternative is to set your workspaces to be static rather than dynamic.
    You can set this using Tweaks tool:

    Tweaks > Workspaces > (select) Static Workspaces
    and specify the number you want.

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    Re: Gnome workspaces rearrange windows

    Hmm, that's frustrating. If I have to have static workspaces, then I'm thinking I might see if I can get this working instead:


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