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Thread: can't SSH to UbuntuVm (hyperV) from Windows 10 guestOS

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    Smile can't SSH to UbuntuVm (hyperV) from Windows 10 guestOS

    A linux noob lab here:

    guest OS win10pro / hyperV (
    > vm01 (ubuntuSrv 18.10) (x.5.13)
    > vm02 (ubuntu 18.04) (x.5.16)
    > raspi3 (Paspbian) (x.5.20)
    > wSrv2016 (x.5.99)
    > NAS synology (x.5.101)

    My analyze:
    - both vm's have 1X lanAdapter connected to vSwitch (External) in hyperV
    - both vm's have ip provided by my local router dhcp server, and both ping router successfully
    - both vm's have an active internet connection and ping each other successfully
    - both vm's ping NAS successfully, both answer ping FROM NAS cli successfully
    - both vm's ping wSrv2016 successfully, both answer ping FROM wSrv cli successfully
    - i can ssh vm01 to vm02 and from 02 to 01
    - both vm's respond to ping from wSrv2016, and wSrv2016 respond to both vm's
    - wSrv2016 ssh to vm01/vm02 > successfully

    - both vm's DON'T respond to ping from win10, and win10 DON'T respond to ping from vm's
    - win10 ssh to vm1/vm2 > Network error: Connection timed out
    - win10pro ssh to raspi3 > successfully

    I didn't touch the ufw rules for ubuntu vm's, both were installed out of the box as they come. I need to do this in hyperV not vmWare/vBox.
    Regarding the win10 feels like something is slipping between my "hyperv switch config" fingers and the mighty google doesn't help much.
    Step by step configuration help will be much appreciated.

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