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Thread: Install Gnome MUD on Lubuntu 16.04

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    Install Gnome MUD on Lubuntu 16.04


    I am looking to install gnome mud on Lubuntu 16.04. I would like to use this particular MUD client as it is supports Python scripting. However if I try,

    sudo apt-get install gnome-mud
    It says there is no package found. I saw that there is no gnome-mud package for 16.04 but it is in 14.04. 16.04 has a package called games-mud which includes a variety of MUD clients but no gnome-mud.

    Is there a way I can get gnome-mud installed by possibly adding repos or the like from 14.04?

    Thank you for any advice or help you could give!
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    Re: Install Gnome MUD on Lubuntu 16.04

    you could try adding it manually, if dependencies are satisfied:

    however as i know there is new Gnome version after 14.04.

    perhaps it's time for an alternative. there seems to be a number of clients available. mudlet looks very nice.
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