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Thread: Shy Crocodile version 5.0 ...

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    Re: Shy Crocodile version 5.0 ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Doug S View Post
    Does anybody know how to request a mainline kernel configuration change?
    I have searched the wikis and such.
    There may be a better way to this and maybe you already know this much but I use these:

    We run our mailing list much like the Linux Kernel Mailing List (LKML). Users can propose patches, ask questions and find general info. This list has medium traffic volume. For more info you can read
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    Re: Shy Crocodile version 5.0 ...

    @1fallen: Thanks for your reply. I went on IRC and did get some answers.

    The reason I did not try IRC to start with is that I have noticed it doesn't seem to be used much anymore (as of the last year or so). I often try to look back at IRC stuff via the logs and the kernel channel has become very quite.
    Any follow-up information on your issue would be appreciated. Please have the courtesy to report back.

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