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Thread: Install Vmware-Horizen-Client-

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    Install Vmware-Horizen-Client-

    Trying to install vmware horizen client on my laptop so I can work from home, am a complete novice when it comes to using command line stuff but, have downloaded install package following link provided by work and, found this instruction on this forum-

    sudo bash Vmware-Horizen-Client-

    Seems to work when I run it, as prompts for my password but, stops immediately after I enter it and, presume it hasn't worked as, when I input


    comes up with "command not found", pretty sure it's something I'm missing but, can't find anything on here (more geared to the server side of vmware) so, any help would be much appreciated - otherwise, I'm going to have to use a pool windows laptop which, I'm loathe to do.
    Only other thing I would say is, please keep it very simple as, I'm clueless on commands


    I'm running 16:04 LTS on a Dell Latitude E6400

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