Hi All,

I have problems with USB devices on both Xenial and Bionic. When mouse and keyboard are connected to USB 2 ports then the keyboard feels very sluggish and frequently characters will be lost while typing. After connecting the keyboard to a USB 3 port the keyboard feels good but now the mouse moves very slowly. Connecting the mouse to a USB 3 port again works around the problem. However, I'd rather keep mouse and keyboard connected to USB 2 ports as I do not have that many USB 3 ports. Both devices are working fine with USB 2 when I boot into Windows. Sending data to a printer connected to a USB 2 port also takes extremely long. USB drives connected to a USB 2 port seem to be not recognized at all.

I have an Ivy Bridge generation desktop computer with an Intel DZ77BH-55K mainboard (Z77 chipset). I only use the USB 2/3 ports provided by the chipset. The additional ASmedia USB controller is disabled in BIOS. Mouse and keyboard (both wired) are from Logitech and Cherry, respectively.

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you!