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Thread: Grub fails to load kernel after boot-repair

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    Exclamation Grub fails to load kernel after boot-repair

    I have an Ubuntu 14.04 running in a VirtualBox VM with Windows 10 Host. My problem started while installing the requirements for a package HIDAPI which required other packages such as Hidraw. I noticed the installation process was messing with GRUB and some point went to a black screen. After powering on the VM again, the boot menu was just memtest.

    I tried to recover the Grub in several ways:
    Manually (
    Boot-repair (

    I run Boot-repair 3 times because the first one failed at purge of grub-install.
    The second one, resulted into no boot menu and booting directly into grub console. Within Grub console I couldn't load the file initrd.img although it was there.
    The third time, I got boot menu with the following options.

    However, by either choosing Ubuntu or Advance->recovery mode, the booting process gets stuck as follows:


    This is the report of Boot-Repair

    I would appreciate any help to recover my VM.

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    Re: Grub fails to load kernel after boot-repair

    Thread moved to Virtualisation for a more appropriate fit.

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