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Thread: qemu/kvm Hook script for Guest restart

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    qemu/kvm Hook script for Guest restart


    I would like to setup a qemu/kvm windows guest on a lubuntu host. The aim is to run the windows guest to be used by the user and using the Linux host to reset the windows machine on boot/reboot.

    The windows would be able to use the dedicated graphics card with pci passthrough so the setup would be transparent to the user.

    The following points are already working:

    • pci passthrough
    • Reset of VM drive at boot (using Hook scripts)
    • shutdown of Linux on windows shutdown (using hook scripts aswell)

    Unfortunately the last thing I need I was not able to find a solution for.

    I need to reset the VM drive also on reboot of the windows host. Unfortunately I did not find any possibility to inform the host about any reboot event of the guest system.

    I would like not to use any script or setup in the Windows guest but only script in the Linux Host.

    Is there any possibility with qemu/kvm/libvirt to have a hook script or something run when the windows guest is rebooting?

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Best regards

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    Re: qemu/kvm Hook script for Guest restart

    I would make an LVM snapshot before the guest started, then simply revert to that, dropping all changes, until the guest was stopped.


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