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Thread: Installing any PPA is safe? What must be considered?

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    Re: Installing any PPA is safe? What must be considered?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tadaen_Sylvermane View Post
    I avoid compiling like the plague. As such my general rule for ppa's, or any external repo is simple. If I have no choice, I use the ppa. For example, Makemkv and Kodi are 2 things I need the latest stable versions of. Makemkv isn't in the official repos and I need it to rip DVD's (it can rip stuff handbrake chokes on in my experience), and the supplied version of Kodi is to old to work with the Xenial release of Mythtv. As such I have no choice if I want my media center to work. But I don't blindly add ppas for everything like many websites suggest one does. Always stick to the main repos if possible > external and you will have a smoother ride nearly every time.

    It's also worth noting that when people suggest ppas they are pointing you toward newer releases. SNS syndrome. Newer doesn't always mean better. In some cases they are less stable because they haven't gone through the testing period for a stable release. The so called improvements aren't usually even noticeable to the end user. The stuff in the repos I can count on to work every time.
    Compiling isn't all that frightening, and, as I said, when I needed that program, I had little choice but to compile. Archived source code almost always come with a file called "configure."

    This will go through the dependencies, and end, if you have missing dependencies, it'll tell you which ones they are. It also, if all dependencies are present, will generate a makefile. Once that is done,
    sudo make install
    If you do have to install dependent libraries, you install those files with -dev at the end, which are the files necessary for compilation. It really isn't hard, and you just might need a program not in the repos, or in a PPA.

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    Re: Installing any PPA is safe? What must be considered?

    Fortunately I haven't hit the block where I had to compile something. That being said, I have debated looking into it. I know that I would prefer to be running CentOS on my server/htpc instead of Ubuntu, only because of the 10 year support cycle. Kodi and mythtv would need to be compiled by me in that case.

    I have debated looking into it more and learning. I do like to learn, but now that I've achieved my goals with Linux in my home, I've drifted away from spending my free time tinkering and fiddling about. Lost interest. Everything is working just great in my home, no need to fix anything or rework. Everything seems to be perfect and most importantly, stable.
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    Re: Installing any PPA is safe? What must be considered?

    Quote Originally Posted by howefield View Post
    Go to the PPA launchpad page.. for details about the PPA. Don't think there is a way of telling how many downloads there are, but could be wrong about that.
    A python script was created years ago by Alin Andrei that can report the latest downloads for a ppa. (if package A was upgraded then it will show number of dl's of the current upgraded package, not lifetime.

    #usage python PPATEAM (ex: webupd8team) PPA (ex: gthumb) DIST (Ubuntu version eg maverick) ARCH (ubuntu arch eg i386 or amd64)
    #example - highest downloaded file: python webupd8team y-ppa-manager maverick amd64 | tr '\t' ',' | cut -d ',' -f3 | sort -gr
    import sys
    from launchpadlib.launchpad import Launchpad
    PPAOWNER = sys.argv[1]
    PPA = sys.argv[2]
    desired_dist_and_arch = '' + sys.argv[3] + '/' + sys.argv[4]
    cachedir = "~/.launchpadlib/cache/"
    lp_ = Launchpad.login_anonymously('ppastats', 'edge', cachedir, version='devel')
    owner = lp_.people[PPAOWNER]
    archive = owner.getPPAByName(name=PPA)
    for individualarchive in archive.getPublishedBinaries(status='Published',distro_arch_series=desired_dist_and_arch):
           x = individualarchive.getDownloadCount()
           if x > 0:
                  print individualarchive.binary_package_name + "\t" + individualarchive.binary_package_version + "\t" + str(individualarchive.getDownloadCount())
           elif x < 1:
                  print '0'
    I place it in ~/bin marked as executable. Requires python-launchpadlib package installed.

    I want to see what current interest is for mpv in 18.04, i.e how many amd64 users upgraded mpv build from 2 weeks ago.
    $ python /home/doug/bin/ mc3man mpv-tests bionic  amd64
    libdav1d-dev	0.1.0-1	7
    libdav1d0	0.1.0-1	6627
    mpv	2:0.29.1+git1~zzbionic	3645
    mpv2	2:0.29.0+wm4.2~zzbionic3	192
    So I see there is still some interest but down quite a bit from the initial 18.04 amd64 release in that ppa.
    What does surprise me is the number for libdav1d0 , almost double those upgrading mpv.. (mpv is only player supporting libdav1d atm..

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